On Belonging

In the Igbo language of southeastern Nigeria, the phrase Ka Amara expresses a desire to be known. This is a universal piece of humanity -- to belong.

 As we were dreaming of this company, we wanted to create a place where people could experience just that - being known. A place where we could highlight the stories, passions and wisdom of the artisans who make our pieces, and inspire the dreams and stories of the girls coming after us.


On Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion prides itself on putting people over profit. By placing designers and artisans at the top of our priorities, we ensure that every piece we sell is thoughtfully produced with high-quality materials, and supports economies all over the globe. 

Ethical shopping supports artisans in developing countries who are socially and economically marginalized. By choosing to source our pieces from ethical and fair trade certified companies, we are supporting our sisters all over the world and giving them a chance to share their stories.  

The best part about owning a Ka Amara piece is getting the chance to tell other people the stories that go along with it. The stories of the artisan, the country it came from and the materials incorporated get to become part of your story, too.  

Meet the Founder


Amanda Merritt

Social worker turned entrepreneur, Amanda has a heart for social justice and a passion for seeing women succeed. Ka Amara began as a way to fuse her love of gorgeous accessories with her passions for world change.

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